Sub study groups in InspECT database


ALL PATIENTS study subgroup; tumor size, histology, response, side effects, age. Coordinators: Julie Gehl, James Clower. Participants: all centres

CONSENSUS PAPER ON MELANOMA WITH DELPHI METHOD. Coordinators: Luca Campana, David Mowatt. Participants: all centres.

ECT + ANTI PD1 IN MELANOMA PATIENTS. Coordinators: Gregor Sersa, Masa Bosniak. Participants: all centres.

PHARMACOKINETIC OF BLEOMYCIN IN ELDERLY PATIENTS. Coordinators: Gregor Sersa, Ales Grosely. Participants: Ljubljana, Roma, Pavia, Padova, Szeged.

QUALITY OF LIFE subgroup. Coordinators: Luca Campana, Louise Mattiessen. Participants: all centres.

BCC sugbroup. Coordinatos: Tobian Muir, Giulia Bertino. Participants: all centres.
SCC subgroup. Coordinators: Roberta Rotunno and Pietro Curatolo, Giulia Bertino. Participants: all centres.
KAPOSI subgroup. Coordinators: Pietro Quaglino and Pietro Curatolo. Participants: all centres.
ANGIOSARCOMA subgroup. Coordinators: David Mowatt, Luca Campana. Participants: all centres.